NChant Lip Cream is a specially formulated cream that helps repair and recover darkened lips while preventing it from further darkening. It also helps fight roughness and dryness of the lips. It is made up of amazing complex ingredients that help lighten, soften and moisturize the lips

NChant Lip Cream

  • Shea Butter
    Shea butter has vitamins that help soothe and moisturize rough and chapped lips. Combined with lanolin and olive oil, shea butter creates a healing lip balm that protects your lips from the elements. One of the essential benefits of Shea Butter is its moisturizing effect. Naturally used to help heal dry skin and protect its natural oils.

    Argan Oil
    Aside from being an essential ingredient in skin and hair products, Argan Oil was also found out to be effective on lip treatment. It helps heal chapped lips while keeping it soft and smooth. Together with the other 2 natural moisturizers, Argan Oil works its wonder to bring back the healthier lips.

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    Jojoba Oil
    Another powerful moisturizer that helps recover the lips from being chapped, Jojoba Oil has waxy oil that helps lock the moisture of the lips. It also helps keep the lips soft and supple.